How to Clean Your Computer Registry

How to Clean Your Computer Registry

The common consensus is that with the newer Microsoft operating programs such as XP and Vista, it is no longer necessary to run a registry cleaner.  These operating systems are based on Windows NT instead of the registry, and it follows that invalid registry keys should not slow your computer down.

From a practical perspective, you could still experience PC problems because of corrupt or bad registry keys. Even though your operating system relies on Windows NT, removing malware, spyware or adware could leave bad keys in the registry that affect your computer’s performance.

If your software takes forever to load or does not run right, it is worth your time to check out the registry.

Microsoft’s operating systems come with a function called ‘regedit’ that you can access from the ‘start/run’ command.  The contents of your registry folder will be displayed when you run regedit.  Using the regedit program, you can identify the bad keys and remove them directly from the registry.

The average computer user does not understand what the registry keys mean.  Fortunately, there are some software programs available for free or for a small price that will identify any bad keys.  These programs will either delete the bad keys automatically or allow you to manually delete the invalid keys through a series of prompts that the registry cleaner software produces.

Be cautious about downloading free registry cleaners or antivirus programs.  Some of these programs include malicious code such as spyware or trojans that can cause a lot of PC trouble for you down the road.  If your budget dictates that you use a free registry cleaner, then be sure to get it from a reliable service like cNet that verifies that the freeware is free of trojans and malware.

If your software programs are not running efficiently, visit the NotGuru blog‘s computer tips section, where you will find a step-by-step tutorial on how to clean your registry.  For easy reference, the tutorial includes screen shots, and also recommends trusted registry cleaner software.


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